Tomorrows Bloggers and News Makers

A new term has begun with a focus on the Ultranet and Cybersafety.

Year 3s and 4s are learning about the power of their written words through blogging in different spaces for different audiences.  Whether you blog for just yourself or a wider audience it is entierly your choice. Blogging and getting comments from parents or other students can be enlightening and a lot of fun. Using the Ultranet is safe place  where you can blog with your parents and or students or just with your self. Unlike a public blogs your are not bothered with spammers and pretenders. The Ultranet is a 24/7 safe place  that connects students anytime anyplace in cyberspace. The student’s home space is a private space where they can keep a blog just like a journal. Writing has a purpose.

These students are tomorrow’s news makers and future bloggers.


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