It’s been a hectic and interesting year.

It’s been a while since I have officially blogged here. My alter ego Nosey Bear has been about the school working with students doing a range of other things.

Nosey Bear TV has continued with 2 shows per term. We have just finished our Rodobot special. You can view these at

I have established a sister school exchange via the British Council with William Ransom Primary School in Hitchin , England. After our initial contact, which consisted of recorded messages and emailed questions and some video, we are now participating in a formal project; ” A Day in the Life”.  A Grade 4 and an Grade 1 are currently busy wrapping up their Aussie tales to send to England.

I entered a team in the RoboCup Junior robotics championships. Robotics is a side passion of mine and have been training students in programming and building for 12 years. RoboCupo Junior competitions are fun and really allow students to be creative and push the boundaries of their potential. The 4 students entered the regional after a hurried 3 weeks of preparation as the new equipment only arrived just in time to enter a team. Went on to the state finals and WON!!!!!!! They were outright junior champs in Dance and Dance theatre and went to Canberra to represent our state in the Nationals. They didn’t win but we ( the students, their parents and I) had fun. To find out more you can watch the Nosey Bear Special.

Students have been engaged in so many ICT projects with me in the Multimedia lab. In addition to my regular weekly classes, I have also

  • worked with classes made and edited 19 green screen films,
  • worked with 4 year 4 ambassadors to the Melbourne Water International Kids teaching Kids Youth Conference,
  • invited an international travelling squirrel to our school from the US via Canada and NZ, I chaperoned him and blogged on his behalf on his blog
  • produced and entered a green living film competition and won 2nd prize that won us sponsorship to the aforementioned conference. The film was also showed at the conference
  • mentored the Rodobots
  • initiated the sister school exchange with 6 classes in the ‘first contact ‘ exchange
  • recorded 20 Hot seat radio programs with different students each week to give them experience In the radio room. It is quiz show for our Sporting houses.

…………to name just a few on top of all the network admin and the work emails I have to read, write and which I have to respond. Who says a teacher’ life is easy?

My classes have all been heaps of fun and learning. Yes I learn to from them and by pushing my own boundaries to give them opportunities to learn new things. Currently the Yr 3&4 s are making animated digital comic story books, Yr 5&6 exploring making ,memories using the Ultranet, photography, videos with web cams and screen writing, Yr 2 are learning the tricks of the trade to produce an information report in MS Word


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