Drawings come to life!

Students in 5 & 6 are exploring animation from both ends of the spectrum. Making simple hand drawings generated by computer programs such as paint be brought to life through Monkey Jam and 3D CGI using Kahootz.  We viewed Walt Disney’s first cartoon that was all hand drawn, ‘SteamBoat Willy’. They appauded his efforts at the end. They were inspired to continue their explorations.

We also had a bit of fun with the green screen too. Poking our heads through the screen and filming it moving up, down and around. These will later be chroma keyed into their 3D worlds using Wax. We may even draw some clouds and have big heads floating amongst them.

Grade 1s have all viewed their green screen celebration movies too. They love the magic of green screen acting on a bacground they made themselves in Paint. They know the green means become invisible when mixed with a movie or picture using a special comupter program. The teacher(me) does that bit of magic and hard work! Only the people show up so they can be in the picture so to speak.

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